Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Gateau with Sea Salt Caramel

10.5 oz Organic Milk Chocolate (33%)

3.5 oz Organic Dark Chocolate (72%)

1/2 C. Water

9oz Organic Cultured Butter

3 oz  Organic Sugar 

6 Organic Eggs 

2 Pinches of Sea Salt 

Yield:  1 (9 inch) Round Cake 

Over a double boiler, melt chocolate and butter until smooth.  Add water and mix until incorporated. 

In a mixing bowl on medium speed with paddle attachment, mix eggs, sugar and salt until a little foamy.  

On low speed add chocolate to egg mixture. Mix until just combined.  

Pour into 9 in cake round, lined with parchment and sprayed with non-stick spray or olive oil.  

Bake at 275 degrees in a water bath until set.  ~ 1 hour

When it's done it will jiggle like jelly.  

Cool overnight in the refrigerator.  To remove the cake set the bottom of the cake pan in warm water for a couple minutes.  Flip over onto parchment placed on the back of a sheet pan. Remove parchment round from the bottom of cake and place desired plate on top then flip cake over.  

Dust with cocoa powder. Stencil with powered sugar if desired.  

Serve with Postre Sea Salt Caramel sauce!!